Epoxy in home interior

New disign opportunities

Epoxy home presents you with the latest technology for your home interior.

We are the official representatives of Diamond coat, so we can offer a unique epoxy for counter tops, floors and even walls!

A large color palette allows you to customize the epoxy to your home interior and open the way to unlimited design opportunities.



Long lasting

Fast installation time and durable long lasting coating.


Being 5 times harder than concrete and much thicker than other epoxies, Diamond Coat is known for it’s Durability and scratch resistance.


Diamond Epoxy is seamless and non-porous which means it seals out any kind of bacteria that tries to get under the surface. This also makes it very easy to clean!


Epoxy home team will be able to completely customize your surface to match your home’s interior and style.

UV resistant

Whether Diamond Epoxy is on an outdoor bar or on your kitchen countertop, you will never have to worry about your beautiful surface fading or yellowing from the sun.

Eco friendly

Diamond Coat is zero VOC and is 100% non-toxic. There will be no odor when it is installed and will be safe to cook and eat off of.


We are glad to represent you Diamond coat epoxy!


Epoxy home offers epoxy for your home, which will make your interior unique. Today we are introducing special epoxy  for table tops. Wonderful patterns are...